Our Policy to Prevention of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is against the ethics of publishing and unacceptable.

 Therefore, the authors should only publish their original works and properly identify the study, sources and data they use. They should also specify other publications that are effective in determining the nature of their work.There are different types of plagiarism: showing the work of another researcher as his own work, copying part of the work of another researcher without reference to the study, or otherwise using it as his own, or showing the results of another study as his own.

Each submitted article is scanned for plagiarism using the Turnitin program. In this screening, bibliography and excerpts are included. Any article with a scan result of 20% or more is rejected without further action and is not accepted once again. On scanning, the article is not be transferred to the Turnitin database.

if the Turnitin ithenticate scanning system is especially limited in Turkish, other sources such as Crossref, ithenticate, Google Scholar and literature search can also be used. The 20% ithenticate rate for editors is definitely not a measure, and if they notice the slightest problem, they have the right to refuse and/or demand to extensive revision.