Call for Papers for Special Issue: Gastronomy and tourism
Guest Editor: Bahattin Özdemir (
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Akdeniz University, Turkey
This special issue is dedicated to the associations between gastronomy and tourism. Along with the research areas of food science including food chemistry, food technology, and food microbiology, and nutrition science, gastronomy is increasingly attracting scholars’ attention and has become one of the latest academic fields which explore human food production and consumption. As a result of ongoing developments, gastronomy emerged as a distinct field of research through specifically focusing on the enjoyment of gastronomic experiences that come into existence around the commercial meal whether it takes place in restaurant settings or during tourism experiences. Therefore, the associations between gastronomy and tourism are especially significant in understanding the components of gastronomic experiences and their roles in overall tourist experience. While tourism presents a special context for gastronomy (especially the local cultural background where the local food is produced and consumed), gastronomic experiences are important to add value to total tourist experience (Quan & Wang, 2004) and become a means to explain tourist behaviours (Kivela & Crotts, 2006) including motivations, destination choices and visitation patterns. However, more focused studies are needed for a better understanding of those interactions.   
This special issue thus calls for papers from scholars who are interested in making contributions into the academic growth of gastronomy through providing new insights about the associations between gastronomy and tourism. AHTR intends to provide an academic platform for discussions on the latest developments and issues on explaining how gastronomy and tourism are interdependent and interactive. The guest editor of this special issue will take significant responsibility for selecting potential papers. To promote a holistic view, the guest editor welcomes both conceptual and empirical type of papers that focus on themes in the gastronomy and tourism domain. Some specific topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
n Gastronomy tourism;
n Sustainability in gastronomy tourism;
n Food culture;
n Gastronomy and authenticity;
n Gastronomic identity of tourist destinations;
n Gastronomy as a tourist product;
n Gastronomy in image, attractiveness, branding, marketing, and strategic management of destinations;
n Gastronomy and tourist behaviour;
n Gastronomy and tourist experiences;
n Supply chains of gastronomy tourism;
n Innovation and creativity in gastronomy;
n Management of enterprises of the gastronomy;
n Contemporary issues and trends in the interaction of gastronomy and tourism research;
n Educational programmes of culinary institutions;
n Human resource issues in food and beverage management;
n Health and safety issues in gastronomy tourism;
n Climate change and gastronomy;
n Development of conceptual models to understand the interaction of gastronomy and tourism;
n Methodological issues in tourism and gastronomy;
n Case studies on successful gastronomy destinations;
n Future trends in tourism and gastronomy fields.
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Important Dates
Deadline for Full Paper Submissions: May 31, 2019
Publication Date: Fall 2019