Author Guidelines


  • Submitted manuscripts should not exceed 25 pages.

  • The manuscripts should be in A4 paper standards: having 3 cm margins from right, left, bottom and top. 

  • Manuscripts should be written in 12 pt, Times New Roman font style and single line spacing.

  • The name of the author should not be written when the article is for the first time uploaded to the journal. For accepted articles: The name of authors should be written in 12 pt. Below the title of the article (18 nk). The author's name, institution and e-mail address should be indicated at the bottom of the page using the star footnote (*)

  • The submitted articles should be followed by: title, abstract and keywords, English abstract and keywords, introduction, main text (title and subheadings), results, footnotes and references.

  • Authors are required to send their manuscripts with abstracts (max. 200 words), summarizing the scope, the purpose of the article, the methodology and the results of the study. Abstracts should be written both in Turkish and English and should have max. 5 keywords to inform the reader about content.

  • Order of Titles:

  • Title of the article: bold, 14 pt, left justified

  • Level 1 titles: bold, 14 pt, left justified

  • Level 2 titles: bold, italic, 12 pt, left justified

  • Level 3 titles: bold, 12 pt, left justified

  • Level 4 titles: normal, italic, 12 pt, left justified

  • Only the first letter of all titles, including the title of the manuscript, must be capitalized.

  • It should be no space between paragraphs.

  • There should be no lettering and / or numbering in the headings.

  • Quotations of 5 lines and longer should be given as block quotes, 10 pt letter character, having margins: 1 cm from the right and left, and 6 nk space should be given before and after the quote.

  • Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work submitted to the journal for publication.
  • Submitted manuscripts are examined via iThenticate software and a similarity report is received prior to the peer review process.
  • All the articles should be written accordingly with APA style's sixth edition.

The works in the bibliography should be written according to the following examples:


Binark, Mutlu (2007) Eleştirel Medya Okuryazarlığı. Ankara: Kalkedon Yayınları.

Stevenson, Nick (2008) Medya Kültürleri, Çev. Göze Orhon – B. Engin Aksoy. Ankara: Ütopya Yayınları.

Book Chapter:

Seçkin, Gülcan (2007) Medya Okuryazarlığı Eğitimi: Önemi ve İhtiyaçları. Medya Okuryazarlığı, Ed. Nurçay Türkoğlu ve Melda C. Şimşek, ss. 329-354. İstanbul: Kalemus Yayınları.

Hall, Stuart (2014) İdeoloji ve İletişim Kuramı, Çev. Ahmet Gürata. Medya Kültür Siyaset, Der. Süleyman İrvan, ss. 79-96. Ankara: Pharmakon Yayınevi.

Article in Journal:

Hülür, Himmet (2000) Küreselleşme ve Toplumbilimsel Kuramlaştırma Sorunu. Selçuk İletişim, 1(2): 27-36.