Anatolian Bryology, related to mosses, liverworts and hornworts made in various fields, publishes original articles on morphology, ultrastructure, biological diversity, conservation, biotechnology, environmental management, threatened of species, threatened of habitats, systematics, vegetation science, the ecology, biogeography, genetics and interactions among of all bryophytes.


Descriptive or experimental studies presenting clear research questions are accepted. The submitted paper must be original and unpublished or under consideration for publication. Manuscripts in English or in Turkish languages are welcome. Printed in Turkey. This journal is published two times a year.

Journals that do not comply or with the rules of subjects outside the scope of the articles (Author Guide) will be rejected without peer Review Process (Form). For each article, filled in accordance with the requirements and the author's Copyright Transfer Form signed by all of the article prior to publication should be sent to the editor. Journal articles will be sent to all correspondence related to the process should be made directly by e-mail in the Internet environment. Contribution is open to researchers of all nationalities.