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Journal of Child and Development (J-CAD) provides instant open access to content in the field of child development, adopting the principle that free delivery of information to the field will enhance the global sharing of information

Journal of Child and Development (J-CAD) whose editorial board is generated from 32 different universities and 68 faculty members is seeking for taking place in indexes with your precious contribution.

The article to be sent our academic e-journal, Journal of Child and Development, should not have been published elsewhere. National or international presentations provided that the full text has not been published elsewhere and the abstract is published and presented must be notified in the footnote at the beginning of the work.  All responsibility in this regard belongs to the author. In case of studies or unpublished postgraduate dissertations supported by an institution or fund (project, etc.), the footnote should state the relevant case at the beginning of the study.

All ethical and legal responsibilities for imprint and academic language mistakes in the scientific content belong to the authors of articles sent to Journal of Child and Development.  The copyright of the blind reviewed and published articles belongs to the Journal of Child and Development.  In the event that the author can make a publishing decision by downloading at  from the system so that the copyright is deemed to be accepted by the Journal of Child and Development.  However, the author may withdraw the article 1 month before the publication date "Author Guidelines" and "Full Paper Template" are listed below for authors who want to submit articles to the Journal of Children and Development.

“Author Guidelines” 

“Full paper template"  

Prof. Dr. Neriman ARAL 

Journal of Child and Development (J-CAD)


Note: Articles  to be submitted to the Journal of Child and Development should be prepared basing on the "Author Guidelines"