Author Guidelines

SAMPLE TEMPLATE must be used so that the manuscript can be prepared according to the spelling rules of the journal.

The manuscripts of the authors who ignore the rules above will NOT be taken under review. A warning mail about this will not be sent to the authors.

Dear Author(s),

·         You need to review your references and check their congruence with APA 6. The articles that are not prepared according to APA 6 will not be taken under review.  

·         We suggest that you make use of the articles issued in your field in Cukurova University Faculty of Education Journal. You can access to the articles of previous volumes in Archive.

·         We request you to examine format of the articles in archive while preparing/formatting your article. Please send your article when you are sure that you have formatted/prepared it according to spelling rules of the journal.


In CU Faculty of Education Journal;

  • Authentic quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods studies from different fields of education (educational sciences, foreign language education, social sciences and Turkish language education, fine arts education, primary education, physical sciences and mathematical sciences, computer and instructional technologies education and special education),

  • Applied research studies (e.g. experimental, action research) conducted in specific subject areas in the classroom or school environment,

  • Applied research studies (e.g. experimental, action research) conducted towards the professional development of teachers and instructors,

  • Research studies focusing on current problems of education in formal education settings and aiming at finding solutions to these problems,

  • Applied research studies (e.g. experimental, action research) conducted with prospective teachers,

  • Studies (conducting both exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses) in which data collection instruments are developed and their usefulness are tested and evaluated,

  • Studies in which research methods and the measurement tools used are applicable for the subject and aim of the study,

  • Studies which have percentage similarity less than 15% as the result of plagiarism detection software  displays

are going to be evaluated.

Moreover, the studies to be evaluated need to

  • Explain validity and reliability scores of data collection tools in quantitative research studies,

  • Have sample sufficient number of participants in accordance with the subject matter and the aim of the study in quantitative research,

  • Run multivariate statistical analysis in studies using quantitative research method,

  • Have an authentic data collection instrument or research into a not studied dimension of a tool in instrument development studies

  • Give detailed information about method, sample, validity and reliability, the role of the researcher and procedure of analysis in studies adopting qualitative research design,

  • Organize the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of mixed-method research studies by referring to the related items above,

  • Present a model or pattern as a result of analysis and synthesis of previous and new studies in literature review research,

  • Research into a new dimension of a popular subject matter with a different view and different methods,

  • Explain the ethical measures taken during conducting the research.