Author Guidelines

Articles to be sent to the journal;

  • It should be sent as .doc or .docx extension in UL Word via ULAKBİM DERGİPARK.
  • It should be as MS Word page and alignment must be 5cm from the top, 6cm from the bottom, 4 cm from the left, and 4.5cm from the right.
  • The font and font size should be Times New Roman and 10 pt.
  • The line spacing must be set to ”1” (single).
  • Articles to be submitted must have a maximum of 30 pages excluding bibliography.
  • Tables and graphics should not exceed margins of the page.
  • Sources of the tables in the text should be indicated below the related table.
  • Each table must be specified with the name.
  • The figure should be named with the number under the figure, the figure should be given the name under the name of the quote.
  • The article should contain at least 200 words in Turkish and English.
  • The article should be compatible with at least three international literature written in Turkish and English.
  • Letters to Editor should not exceed 500 words for the summaries and criticisms of the books, summaries and announcements of scientific meetings, opinions, contributions, criticisms about previous spellings or experiences and thoughts on a different subject.
  • It should be written in accordance with the scientific ethics and spelling rules.
  • Reference should be made to ”surname of the author, year, page no." For example ".... (Bayhan,1986, p.12) ...". If more than one source is cited at the same time, the surnames of the authors should be separated by a semicolon with the year and page number. Example ”... (Bayhan, 1986, s.345; Demir, 1985, p.50) ...“. If there are more than two authors, the surname of the first author should be given and et al. should be used. Example ”... (Bayhan et al., 1984, p.4) ...".
  • The Journal Editorial Board has the right not to publish the articles which are not arranged according to the spelling rules.

  • The journal numbers can be found in Dergipark and the Faculty web page.
  • Journal numbers are sent to various university and public libraries by printing a limited number.
  • The manuscript and the manuscript are not sent to each author.