Publication Guidelines

  1. Dokuz Eylül University Journal of Humanities (DEU JHUM) is a peer-reviewed, refereed scholarly journal.
  2. DEU JHUM is published in both print and online versions biannually.
  3. The journal accepts scholarly papers in Turkish, English and German.
  4. The journal publishes research papers in the fields of humanities and social sciences such as archeology, comparative literature, cultural studies, history, linguistics, literature, museum studies, philosophy, psychology, sociology, translation studies and women studies.
  5. The authors shall include an ORCID as they submit their manuscripts to be published in the journal. Get an ORCID:
  6. Papers should be written in APA (American Psychological Association) format.
  7. Papers submitted to the journal should not have been published or sent for publication elsewhere.
  8. If the paper has been produced based on a thesis or a chapter of a thesis, this should be indicated as a footnote by the author.
  9. The Publication Board examines papers submitted to the journal in terms of relevancy of form and field, identifies experts in the literature in the academy (based on theses, publications and the field of expertise), and submits them to relevant referees for assessment.
  10. All papers undergo a double-blind peer review. Two referees examine the papers submitted as to methodology, scope and originality, and decide whether they are appropriate for publication. They may change for each issue depending on the content of the article. The papers submitted shall be published with the final decision of the Publication Board following the “can be submitted” approval of the referees.
  11. The views and content of the papers published in the Journal are the personal views of the authors and do not represent the official views of DEU JHUM.
  12. The papers which are not written in accordance with the rules and conditions mentioned above shall not be published.
  13. The papers submitted to the journal shall not be given back whether published or not.
  14. The papers which are not published in the first three volumes after the submission date might be submitted to other publishing institutions.
  15. The copyrights of the papers published in the journal belong to DEU JHUMNo royalties shall be paid to the authors of the papers.
  16. DEU JHUM and the authors' names in the papers shall not be quoted without giving reference.
  17. All rights of the journal are reserved. No part of this journal may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means for any commercial purpose without permission in writing from the Editorial Board.
  18. DEU JHUM is free of charge.