Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

For the Authors:

1.      All submitted works to Ege Academic Review must be  entirely original and used sources and materials should be appropriately cited. Any attempt of plagiarism should be followed by the rejection of the submitted manuscript.

2.      The manuscripts must not have appeared elsewhere, and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere while under consideration by Ege Academic Review.

3.      Authors should not submit the same work or describe essentially the same research in more than one journal.

4.      Those works which have been presented in conferences and whose abstracts have already been published can be accepted for consideration on the condition that the presentation and publication dates and places are stated to the editor.

5.      Submission of a manuscript for review is assumed by the editorial board the acceptance of these conditions by the authors.

6.      Authors who wish to withdraw their submitted works for delays or any other reason should contact the editor.

7.       There will be no royalty payment to the authors.

For The Reviewers:

1.      The reviewers are bound to treat information regarding manuscripts submitted by authors as privileged information  and keep them  confidential

2.      In evaluating the submitted works, the reviewers and the editors should limit themselves only to the intellectual and scientific content. 

3.      Reviewers shall notify the managing editor immediately of any misconduct on the part of any author(s) (e.g. plagiarism, any other unethical activities).

For the Editorial Board:

1.      The editorial board reserves the right not to accept manuscripts for consideration if they do not follow submission guidelines ( and breaks legal requirements regarding libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism and to return them for revisions.

2.      Based on the review report of the editorial board and the reviewers, the editor can accept, reject, or request modifications to the manuscript. The rejected manuscripts should not be used for other purposes unless  without the written consent of the author

3.      The editors must ensure the confidentiality of the submitted works until they are published, except in the case of suspicion of double submission.

4.      After initial screening by   the editorial board, only the selected manuscripts undergo peer review process and sent to at least two reviewers.

5.      The managing editor shall remain committed to ensuring that all manuscripts are evaluated fairly and objectively; thus, the decision to accept or reject a manuscript shall be based solely on the paper’s importance, originality, and clarity, and the study’s relevance to the journal.

6.      The managing editor shall not discriminate against any author based on race, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, political belief, sexual orientation, country of origin, etc.