For Author


·         Manuscript should be submitted both in two hardcopies and on a CD-ROM with all figures.

·         Papers will be limited to a maximum printed length of 20 pages, except in special circumstances.  Excessively long papers will normally be returned for shortening before review.

·         Manuscripts are sent to least two referees. 


Main Text

·         Manuscript should preferably be in PC Word format.

·         All text should be on 1.5 line space at a minimum font size of 12 point with single column.

·         Footnote must not be used. Left margins should be 2.5 cm, right margins should be 2 cm, top and bottom margins should be 3 cm; Header and Footer should be 2 cm.

·         The accents in the text (bold, underline, italic, etc.) are left to the authors to choose.

·         Author(s) name and marks which reveal authors identification must not be used in any part of text including header and footer.

·         Equations should be numbered serially in the right-hand side, in parentheses.

·         The main text should be formed by following order: Title (both in Turkish and in English), Abstract in English, Keywords in English, Abstract in Turkish, Keywords in Turkish, Main text, Acknowledgements, References and appendices.

·         Author(s)’s name, address, e-mail must be written on a separate page.


·         Title should be brief and it should reflect the content of the manuscript.



·         Abstract must be written in English (maximum length 300 words). It should summarize the entire paper, not the conclusions alone. It should be justified and both left and right margins should be 1 cm with 11 point font size.

Figures and Tables

·         All drawings, maps, charts, diagrams and are to be referred to as “figures”, photographs as “photo” and tables as “table” in the main text.

·         All figures should be prepared at least the intended printed size (maximum 16.5x24 cm).

·         Computer generated figures should be at least 600 dpi in tiff format and each one should be submitted as a separate file. Hardcopy of the main text should be printed by high quality laser printer. Original diagrams (except computer graphics) should be prepared using black drawing ink on a good quality tracing medium.

·         Photographs should be sharp black and white glossy prints the intended printed size and mounted in the desired layout. Either portrait or landscape. To ensure quality production, original photographs must be included in addition to any scanned versions.

·         The cost of printing colour illustrations in the journal will be charged to the author. Details are available from the Editorial Board upon request.

·         Title of table should be located on the top of tables. Tables should be numbered consecutively and titled.  All table columns should have an explanatory heading. Tables should not repeat data which are available elsewhere in the paper e.g. in a line diagram.

·         Titles of all tables and figures should be short and explanatory in both in English and in Turkish.              



·         All references should be arranged in alphabetical order and grouped together at the end of the paper under the title of “References”.

·         All publications cited in the text must only be presented in the references section.

·         Names of periodicals and books should be written out in full and italic without any abbreviation.

·         The titles of the journal articles, proceedings and chapters of edited books must be presented between inverted commas.

·         All authors’ name must be complete in the reference section.

·         Reference is made to more than one work by the same author published in the same year; identify each as (a) mark after the date.

·         In the text, references should be cited by the author’s name and the year in parentheses (Kayan, 1998).

·         Where there are two or more references to one author in the same year, the following form should be used (Kayan, 1998a) or (Kayan, 1998b).

·         Where references include three or more authors the form (Kayan et. al., 1999) should be used.

·         Except from the abovementioned principle in  citing, examples of the references can be followed in the following page.


·         Appendices are encouraged for long tables, specific details of methods or mathematics.