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Usage of Sludge in Agricultural Applications

Esra CAN [1]

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The aim of this study was to avaluate the use of waste sludge from treatment plants and to use them in agricultural applications. With the increasing population, the amount of waste sludge from the treatment plants is increasing in proportion to the same amount. However, one of the important  problems in the facilities is the storage problem, so there is an alternative solution for what to do with the excess sludge. The disposal method that has been on the agenda in recent years is the application of the sludge after the treatment to agricultural land. The content of the sludge is also an important factor. Substances that should not be on agricultural land should not be applied to the land. In case of necessary conditions, it has great advantages both in terms of  agricultural land and increase plant.

Agriculture, Envıronment, Treatment Sludge
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