A New RGB Weighted Encoding Technique for Efficient Information Hiding in Images


Feyzi Akar

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Naval Academy, Tuzla, 34940, Istanbul, Turkey

H. Selçuk Varol

Faculty of Technical Education, Electronics and Computer Department,
Marmara University, Göztepe, 34732, Istanbul, Turkey



This paper presents a novel information hiding method that can be used for protecting of any secret information or data. Thus the interceptors will not notice about the existence of the embedded data in the host image. With high-resolution digital images as carriers, detecting hidden messages has become considerably more difficult. But this circumstance is become reversed in the event of low-resolution. With this method minimal deterioration in image and maximal storage of secret data was intended. This paper describes an approach to embedding hidden messages in images that uses a new RGB weight based encoding technique. An image, which has MÎN pixels, can be stored in MÎN Bytes secret data or less. Thus one pixel store one byte (eight bit) character as extended ASCII codes, actually this situation has enough size. The objective of this research is to propose a new data hiding method for secret data or critical information in images.

Keywords: Information hiding, data hiding, steganography, RGB image coding, cipher text, embedding data