Simulation and Comparison of Shortest-Path-First Routing Algorithms

Onur Gök and Yaşar Becerikli

Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering,
Kocaeli University, İzmit, 41040 Turkey
e-mail: {ogok, becer}


In this paper, we present a new simulation method to compare the performance of shortest-path-first routing algorithms on various network topologies. The algorithms selected are Dijkstra and Bellman-Ford. There are many metrics that affect protocol performance such as, hop counts, process time, propagation delay, buffer size, bandwidth, and throughput. A routing protocol might use one or some of them. Protocols translate these metrics into one cost, and than route data. Our simulation tool uses a metric provided by the user. One can add, delete or change nodes, costs in a simulation. Also, we can save the topology of a simulation as a simulation file. We can see the results of a simulation, such as shortest path of all nodes to the other nodes. The computation time is used for comparison of routing algorithms on various topologies.

Keywords: routing algorithms, Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford, distance vector, link state, network topology, comparison of routing algorithms