Efficient Implementation of the Numerical-Two Dimensional Cipher Systems Using Pressure and Time Domain Features

Feyzi Akar

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Naval Academy, Tuzla, 34942, Istanbul, Turkey

H. Selçuk Varol

Faculty of Technical Education, Electronics and Computer Department,
Marmara University, Göztepe, 34732, Istanbul, Turkey


T Numerical-two dimensional cipher systems, which are indispensable components of today's security systems, are used in a large variety of applications in many different ways. Some of them are known as follows: ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) banking service, room/office security, safe vault security, some systems and devices which necessitate privacy and security, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) applications, bios (basic input output system) and screen saver applications for a PC (Personal Computer), internet banking services, and so on. All of the applications use simple numerical coding technique, so there always exists some permanent security and limitation problems. We propose a new ciphering technique for numerical cipher systems in this study. In the proposed method, numbers of the cipher are employed along with “time domain” and “pressure” features. Both characteristics will be composed of more reliable environment together with enlarged precautions.

Keywords: information security, cryptology, cipher technique, encoding, decoding