Reviewer's Guide

The reviewers of the Asian Journal of Instruction have the following responsibilities:

  • Authors who have benefited from the peer review process should consider becoming peer reviewers as a part of their professional responsibilities.

  • The reviewers should express their views clearly by supporting them with arguments and necessary references.

  • The reviewers should not include insulting statements in their evaluations. They should not personally criticize the authors.

  • If reviewers have not reviewed the whole manuscript, do indicate which aspects of the manuscript you have assessed.

  • The journal may ask for a recommendation to accept/revise/reject; any recommendation should be congruent with the comments provided in the review.

  • Reviewers should agree to review only if you are able to return a review within the proposed or mutually agreed time-frame.

  • The reviewers should evaluate within the principles of impartiality and objectivity.

  • Reviewers should declare all potential competing, or conflicting, interests. Competing interests may be personal, financial, intellectual, professional, political or religious in nature.

  • If reviewers are currently employed at the same institution as any of the authors they should not agree to review.

  • Reviewers should not agree to review a manuscript just to gain sight of it with no intention of submitting a review.

  • Reviewers should respect the confidentiality of the peer review process and refrain from using information obtained during the peer review process for your own or another’s advantage, or to disadvantage or discredit others.

  • Reviewers should not contact the authors directly without the permission of the journal.

  • Reviewers should prepare the report by themselves, unless they have permission from the journal to involve another person.
  • If reviewers come across any irregularities with respect to research and publication ethics should let the journal know.


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