Peer Review Process

·       The papers that are sent to anemon are subjected to preliminary assessment by the Editorial Board to see whether the work complies with the principles of the journal. The papers that are out of the scope of the journal or do not comply with the format of a scientific text either in terms of content or style are either rejected or demanded to be corrected prior to peer-review process. Academic objectivity and scientific quality are the most important criteria for the assessment of the articles that are submitted to be published.

·       The articles that comply with the publication principles of anemon are sent to two reviewers who are known for their studies in the relevant field. anemon Journal employs double-blind review system in which the names of neither the reviewers nor the authors are disclosed in any of the phases of the process. Reviewer reports are saved for five years. If one of the reviewers gives positive feedback while the other gives negative feedback, the article is either sent to a third reviewer or Editorial Board examines the reviewer reports to make the final decision.

·       The authors submitting papers to anemon take into account the criticisms and suggestions of the reviewers and the Editorial Board. The authors also have the right to object to the points with which they disagree. In the reviewing process, the publications of people with academic titles are only reviewed by academics of either an equal or a higher degree.

·       Assessment process of anemon may sometimes take long periods of time due to undesired reasons. Normally, preliminary assessment by the editor takes a week while reviewer’s assessment period takes 8 weeks. However, reviewer assessment process may get longer when reviewers do not respond on time or in cases of appointing a new reviewer and so on.

·       The author/authors submitting papers to anemon is/are considered to have accepted the aforementioned reviewing conditions and process of the journal.

·       The copyrights of the works that are decided to be published (accepted) in anemon are transferred to Muş Alparslan University.