Publication Principles



· Journal of the Faculty of Divinity of Ankara University (Ankara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi, henceforth AUIFD) is a double-blind peer-reviewed open access academic journal published semi-annually in the fields of Islamic and Religious Studies.

· AUIFD publishes writings under the following categories: research articles, research notes, book reviews, reviews of conferences and meetings, interviews, and tributary notes.

· Manuscripts are expected to be related to at least one of the subfields of Islamic and Religious Studies.

· AUIFD requires that all authors submit all manuscripts online through the Dergipark system. Authors who cannot submit online should contact ( so they could get help from the editorial team. The Journal does not require a submission fee.

· All or parts of the submitted manuscripts should not have been published previously or should not be under consideration elsewhere.

· AUIFD accepts articles in Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian, German, and French.

· We expect manuscripts to be 35 pages or fewer, excluding bibliography, tables and figures, but still consider longer manuscripts.

· As a rule, AUIFD does not publish more than one research paper of the same author in a single issue. It is, however, possible to publish more than one piece by the same author in different categories depending on the Editorial Board's decision.

· AUIFD is published twice a year (May 31,  November 30). Research articles must be submitted at least three months before (February 28 for the May issue; July 31 for the November issue) and contributions in the other categories should be sent at least two months before the publication date (March 31 and August 31 respectively) to be considered for inclusion in the nearest issue. However, timely submission does not necessarily guarantee that the manuscripts will have undergone all the necessary steps to be published in that period of time. Articles whose reviewal and editorial processes have not been completed are postponed to the next issue.

· Manuscripts are checked against a plagiarism software during the initial evaluation process.

· All manuscripts undergo a two-tiered review: first, initial evaluation by the editorial staff for overall quality and interest, and second, peer-review process. The initial evaluation process normally takes approximately 15 days while the reviewing process takes approximately 30 days but occasionally much longer. Please also note that after the revision by the authors we may send the articles back to reviewers who can assess if their concerns and suggestions have been addressed satisfactorily.

· Articles that fit the AUIFD’s scope and standards are sent to three reviewers and those approved by at least two of the reviewers are accepted for publication.

· The authors should avoid any self-reference that may reveal their identity to the reviewers. They can make the necessary changes and add the necessary references to the final version of the article.

· Articles accepted for publication are rigorously edited and their sources and references are meticulously checked by the editorial board. This may take a few weeks and may possibly delay the publication of the article.

· Those who send an article are expected to read the Journal’s Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement beforehand.

· Prior to the submission of the manuscripts to the journal, authors are expected to peruse the AUIFD Publication Guide. Manuscripts should be written in Microsoft Office Word with the Cambria font in 11-point size and 1.5-spaced (.doc) or (.docx) extension, left-aligned, and all text, including headings, should be defined as normal text.

· AUIFD follows the Chicago Manual of Style for citations and bibliography in English articles and modifies it in articles in Turkish and other languages.

· All articles should include a bibliography of the works cited. Arabic and Persian articles should also be appended with a bibliography in Roman script.

· All articles should include an abstract both in English and in Turkish of 150-200 words and 5-8 keywords. Turkish abstracts might be provided by the journal’s editorial team.

· AUIFD applies the full transliteration system for Arabic, Persian, and the Ottoman Turkish. For this reason, we expect manuscripts to be transliterated according to the rules laid out in the AUIFD Transliteration Guide.

· The publication rights of the articles to be published belong to the Journal. For this reason, in the initial submission of the manuscripts, regardless of the category of the manuscript, the Copyright Transfer Agreement must be filled out duly and uploaded to the system together with the manuscript. Unfortunately, AUIFD cannot make any payments to the authors if the articles are published.