Double Blind Review and Privacy statements

Providing of author independent referee evaluation (Double Blind Review)

Efforts are being made to ensure that the authors of the applicants are independently evaluated, and that the authors and referee identities are not reported to each other. For this purpose, the authors, editors, referees who send files to the system should pay attention to the following points about the texts and files.


Authors should delete the names in the text and the places where the institutions are located. Notes under pages etc. including side texts.

When Microsoft documents are stored, personal information is also written into the file information. For this reason, either this personal information must be found in the document properties and deleted or, in the following order, the document must be re-recorded in a way that does not contain personal information. (File> Save As> Tools> Security> Delete personal information by deleting> Save). To do this, follow these steps: 1. Select File> Save As>

In PDF files, the author name should be deleted by selecting document properties from the Adobe Acrobat main menu.


Privacy statement

Names and e-mail addresses in this BAROFD site will only be used for the purposes indicated in this journal; any other purpose or for the use of other persons won’t be allowed.