Author Guidelines

Writing Rules

Journal of Boron; accepts articles in the field of boron, whose qualifications are explained below, in Turkish and English.

Research Article: These are articles that reflect an original research with its findings and results. The study must be original and must contribute to international science.

Scan Article: These are articles that scan a sufficient number of scientific articles, summarize the subject at the current knowledge and technology level, evaluate and compare the findings.

Each article is sent to at least two referees on its subject and has it examined in terms of form, content, original value, contribution to international literature and science / technology. After the deficiencies stated in the referee opinions are completed, the articles that can be published in the journal are brought to the final print format and the approval of the final version of the article is obtained from the authors. The responsibility of the errors that may be found in the article as it is printed in the journal belongs to the authors.

Accepted articles are published free of charge on the journal's website (online) and in print.

It should consist of five separate forms: Article Text, Copyright Form and Similarity Ratio File. Contact information (address, e-mail, mobile and fixed phone number) of the author and other authors to be contacted during the applications must be given on the cover page.

During the application process, authors must check the compliance of their submissions with all the items in the list below, applications that do not comply with this guideline will not be evaluated.
1. The article to be sent has not been published before and/or has not been submitted to any journal for publication.
2. The article was prepared using Microsoft Office Word 2010 or higher word processor.
3. Margins, header and footer spacing and line spacing on the A4 page of the article have been adjusted according to the journal format.
4. Main headings and sub-headings were arranged in accordance with the journal format, together with their English translations.
5. The tables were prepared in accordance with the journal format, they were mentioned in the text and placed in the text section of the work.
6. Figures were prepared in accordance with the journal format, they were mentioned in the text, and placed in the text section of the work.
7. Equation and Reaction numbers were given in order in accordance with the journal format.
8. Original figures were prepared entirely in accordance with the spelling rules.
9. Figure sizes are arranged to fit the format.
10. Figures in the text are numbered consecutively.
11. References are written according to the spelling rules.
12. References are listed consecutively in the text.
13. References are listed at the end of the text, in the order given in the text.
14. It was checked that Turkish Article Title / Abstract / Keywords / Section Titles / Table and Figure titles and English Article Title / Abstract / Keywords / Section Titles / Table and Figure titles are the same.
15. The "Cover Page" containing the title of the work, the names of the authors and contact information was created.
16. The Copyright Form was signed and sent.
17. Possible spelling errors were checked with the word processor's "Spelling and Grammar" check.
18. The original aspect of the article and its concrete contribution to science are written in the "Note to the Editor" field.

The copyright transfer of the articles is taken by filling and signing the Copyright Transfer Form presented on the journal website. After the form is signed, it should be uploaded as PDF in the "upload additional files" section. Works of authors who do not submit this form cannot be published.

Names and e-mail addresses on this journal site will be used in line with the stated purposes of this journal and will not be used for other purposes or any other section.

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