Publication Ethics


Bartın University Journal of Faculty of Education makes it obligatory that the authors comply with the national and international ethical principles.  In this context, it is kindly asked that the stakeholders comply with the following items: 

Responsibilities of the Authors

It should be ensured that the submitted article has content originality, the quotations and citations need be to correctly prepared within the ethical principles.

For the experimental studies which require ethical board approval,  conducted on animals or people in all the disciplines (including social science), the ethical board approval must be obtained and presented in the study with the related information.

The names of the authors should not be indicated in any of the process of submission.

The manuscripts should not be submitted to any other journal.

The necessary permits should be obtained when needed.

The determined principles will apply in the case of conflict of interest.

Only the names of the related authors should be included in the submissions, unrelated names should not be included.

The referees may ask for additional information or data, in such cases the authors should provide the referees with the requests.

The authors should not reach the referees with the purpose of affecting any process.


Responsibilities of the Referees

Referees should be objective and conduct the reviews with privacy.

Referees should only accept the studies related to their field.

The review should aim to be constructive and polite and should not include offensive language.

The reviews should only be towards the study and the factors such as; religion, gender, race, ethnicity, political or corporate matters should not influence the outcome of the review.

The submissions accepted for review should be processed within the specified timing and in compliance with the ethical principles.

In the case of conflict of interests, the submission should be rejected and the editor-in-chief should be notified.

The identity of the authors should be reached and the submissions of the authors whose identities are revealed should be rejected.

No information related to the rejected submissions should be shared or made public.


Responsibilities of the Editors

Appointing double blinded referees to the related studies after the submission passes the preliminary review.

The editors should be objective towards all the submissions.

The editors should be responsible in the case of conflict of interest.

The editors should ensure the progress within the specified timing of the process.

The editors should ensure that the processes are realized within the ethical principles.


Ethical Suitability Checklist

Have you obtained the necessary permits for the tools or data taken from other studies?

Have you complied with the rules of the journal while preparing the quotations or the citations of your study?

Have you obtained the necessary permits for the data collection or treatment tools?

Have you informed the participants and take the necessary permissions regarding informing them?

Have you taken precautions to ensure the privacy of the participants?

In the studies which include more than one author, have you prepared the order of the author names appropriately?

If any material or content is used which are subject to copyright, have you taken the necessary permissions?

Have you obtained and presented/indicated in your article the necessary ethical board approval for the studies which are conducted on animals or people?