Year 2017, Volume 39 , Issue 1, Pages 453 - 457 2017-03-28


Ganime ÇOBAN [1] , Nurcan ÜNVER [2] , Huriye Şenay KIZILTAN [3] , Abdullah ARMAĞAN [4] , Zühal GÜCİN [5]

Malign Mesothelioma is a tumor originating from serous lining. Although it was most commonly seen in pleura, it can also  located in other areas such as peritoneal and rarely paratesticular region. Our case presented with pain and swelling in the right scrotal region. Tumor markers were within normal limits (Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP), Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Beta-HCG) and alkaline phosphatase). Ultrasonographic examination revealed that nodular masses which infiltrating tunica vaginalis. The largest diameter of the nodules was 5 cm. Radical orchiectomy was performed because of the tunica vaginalis invasion and tumor extensity. The patient was diagnosed as mesothelioma with morphological and immunohistochemical examination. Addition to classical epithelial component, accompanying sarcomatous component (%10) led us to give the biphasic mesothelioma diagnosis. It is difficult to make the diagnosis of mesothelioma to a patient with testicular mass without performing histopathological examination.  The patients with widespread tumor nodules and having normal tumor markers mesothelial originated tumors should be taken into differantial diagnosis.  For this reason we want to discuss our case with ıts histopathological features and  clinical data under the light of the literature.

Subjects Health Care Sciences and Services
Journal Section Case Reports

Author: Ganime ÇOBAN

Author: Nurcan ÜNVER

Author: Huriye Şenay KIZILTAN

Author: Abdullah ARMAĞAN

Author: Zühal GÜCİN


Publication Date : March 28, 2017

APA Çoban, G , Ünver, N , Kızıltan, H , Armağan, A , Güci̇n, Z . (2017). BIPHASİC MALIGNANT MESOTHELIOMA OF THE TESTIS: CASE REPORT . Cumhuriyet Medical Journal , 39 (1) , 453-457 . DOI: 10.7197/cmj.v39i1.5000203038