Current Issue

Volume: 1 Issue: 2, 2/2/24

Year: 2023

Current Trends in Computing (CTC) is an international blind peer-reviewed journal. It publishes original and high-quality unpublished research papers in all areas of computer sciences (engineerings). CTC gives oppurtunity to researchers and academic professors to share their knowledge with other researchers and professors in world-wide area.

The scope of CTC is as follows:

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Mining
Signal and Image Processing
Natural Language Processing
Computational Linguistic
Neuroscience and applications
Computer Architectures
Graph Theory and Applications
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Computer Networks
Virtual Reality
Abstract Machines and Formal Language

• Title of Manuscript: The title has to present the topic of the paper clearly.
• Abstract: For summarizing the paper. Healthy abstract should contain background/importance of research topic, purpose/hypothesis, design/methodology/ approach including procedures/data/ Observations, Findings and Conclusions.
• Introduction: State the objectives of the work and provide an adequate background, avoiding a detailed literature survey or a summary of the results.
• Related Works (Optional): In this section, previous studies conducted in the state of the art have to be reviewed.
• Materials and Methods/ Methodology/ Proposed Work: This section includes the new methodology /methodology applied/ proposed work.
• Results and Discussion: This section demonstrates the findings and provides analytical discussion.
• Conclusion(s) (and Future Work/ Optional): This section concludes the paper and highlights the contributions of the conducted study and sets the direction of the Future Work (Optional).
• References: relevant references have to be cited. You should follow the examples provided for correct citation:
a) For article: O. Dxxx, Title of Paper, Journal Name, Vol.x,N.y, pp.Aa-Bb (Year).
b) For book: J. Axxx, Book Name, Xxxx Press, City, (Year).
c) For conference: L.M. xxx and D. Pxxx, Title of Presentation, Conference Name, Location, (Year).
d) For thesis: F. Txxx, Title of Thesis. Ph.D. (or M.Sc.) Thesis. University Name, (Year).
• Appendices (Optional): Source code, additional (results, figures, tables, equations), etc.  

CTC publishes original and unpublished papers in computer science. The main objective is to support researchers with a world-wide open platform without any economic expenses. The responsibility of plagiarism is upon to all authors/corresponding author.

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