Aim & Scope

The aim of the European Journal of Science and Technology is to provide a recognized platform for students, researchers, writers, and other professionals in the fields of engineering and science research to publish original and current research work to a wide international audience. In this context;

• To show new trends and options for the use of Information and Communication Technologies;

• Linking or integrating different technology areas in the broad field of computer applications;

• It is aimed to include interdisciplinary studies in different fields of architecture, agriculture, basic sciences, and social sciences, especially engineering.

EJOSAT is an open-access journal that publishes pure and applied researches in the field of engineering and technology. The journal promotes the latest scientific findings, empirical and theoretical researches in the following areas. The manuscripts can be original research studies or reviews of a sufficient number of references. The publication language of the journal is English and Turkish.

Period Months
January April August November