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European Journal of Science and Technology is a journal covering basic engineering and science subjects. It aims to deliver the latest scientific and technological developments in engineering and science to researchers, engineers, science scientists, and relevant audiences. The journal scans research articles that reflect the original research in science, technology and engineering and science at the national and international level with its findings and results, and that contributes to science by scanning a sufficient number of scientific articles, summarizing the subject at today's level of knowledge and technology, evaluating and interpreting the review articles. accepts.

The European Journal of Science and Technology is a scientific and refereed journal and is mainly scanned in indexes such as Index Copernicus, Scilit, SOBIAD, and Google Scholar.

Metadata and full texts of all articles published in EJOSAT are stored in XML and .pdf format on a cloud server in an inaccessible way. In addition, all articles are stored and presented in .pdf format on ULAKBİM servers through the TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM Database.

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