Year 2019, Volume 8 , Issue 1, Pages 1 - 1 2019-03-31

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 We, as the Editorial Team of the ELT Research Journalare happy to announce the release of the first issue of 2019 volume. In this issue, there are three research articles addressing a number of issues in the field of English Language Teaching.

The first article by Ufuk Ataş aims to investigate the effects of using games and visual aids in learning foreign language vocabulary of A1-level high school students in Turkey. By having an experimental research design, the study presents findings that favour the practices conducted in experimental groups.

The second paper by Tuğba Çalışır Gerem and Gonca Yangın-Eksi provides insights into teachers’ declared beliefs in grammar teaching and actual classroom practices. To do that, the researchers has designed a case study with five EFL teachers and the results show there are some inconsistencies between teachers’ beliefs and practices due to some external factors such as limited time, lack of knowledge and the curriculum adopted.

Lastly, the third study of the issue by Mehmet Emrah Kuru and Mustafa Tekin compares the perspectives EFL teacher candidates and vocational high school students on L1 use in English classrooms. The statistical analysis indicates that although the majority of the participants support the use of Turkish in English courses, there is a significant difference between the perspectives of EFL teacher candidates and vocational high school studentson the use of Turkish in English language classrooms.

Wewould like to thank once more all the researchers who have contributed to the current issue of the journal with their invaluable academic works. We would also like to thank all editors, co-editors and reviewers of the ELT-RJ for their voluntary contribution to the journal by managing the review process.

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Prof. Dr.Dinçay KÖKSAL



Assoc. Prof. Dr.Gonca YANGIN EKŞİ

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Author: Dinçay KÖKSAL (Primary Author)


Application Date : March 31, 2019
Acceptance Date : September 28, 2020
Publication Date : March 31, 2019

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