Year 2013, Volume 2 , Issue 4, Pages 154 - 155 2014-01-27


Dear ELT Research Journal Reader,

We are happy to publish the second volume of ELT Research Journal that covers various topics related to ELT research. The support that we receive from our referees, authors, and readers deserves appreciation. In this first issue of the second volume, we publish three research articles along with two book reviews.

The first research article is by Pushp Lata, Umesh Dhayani and Suman Luhach from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India. Their study focuses on how a course on Public Speaking may help teachers foster among the students of varied disciplines the development of fair-mindedness, intellectual humility, intellectual perseverance, intellectual courage, intellectual autonomy, intellectual integrity, and confidence in reasoning which are required both in social and professional life. In order to see Public speaking as a way to transform, the present study throws light on various assignments such as forum discussions, Just-a-minute presentation, Prop presentation and, case study discussions and group discussions etc. that are done in the course to scaffold critical thinking. The paper also highlights the key factors such as peer review, retrospection that contribute to the increase in critical thinking skills.

The second article in this issue is by Cansu Yunuslar Güler from Piri Reis University, Turkey. Her study briefly reported on the nature of reading comprehension, and the characteristics and usage of the reading aloud (RA) strategy in EFL by investigating the effect of teacher’s RA on the comprehension of grade 6, low elementary level EFL learners. The results did not indicate significant difference between the performances of learners in the SR task and the teacher’s RA task, however, the qualitative data revealed learners’ opinions in favour of the teacher’s RA task.

The third and last research article is by Mehzudil Tuğba Yıldız Ekin and Ebru Atak Damar from Uludağ University, Turkey. Their study aimed to investigate the pragmatic awareness of EFL teacher trainees and their use of and difficulties in practical pragmatic applications. Their results indicated teacher trainees have pragmatic awareness; however, the reflection papers and interviews revealed that their awareness was mostly on theoretical pragmatic knowledge. Lesson plans and reflective comments written following the lessons indicated EFL teacher trainees could not perform well in practical applications of their pragmatic knowledge.

In addition to these three research articles, this issue also includes two book reviews. The first review is by Derya Tuzcu Eken from Kırklareli University, Turkey. She introduces David Crystal’s ‘A little book of language’ that was published by Yale University Press. The second review is by Pınar Çankaya from Namık Kemal University, Turkey. She reviewed Larissa Aronin and Britta Hufeisen’s edited collection of ‘The exploration of multilingualism: Developing of research on L3, multilingualism and multiple language acquisition’ that was published by John Benjamin Publishing Company.

For the coming issues of ELT Research Journal, we would like to encourage our readers to review newly published books and materials, and to submit questions and make comments about published work in this journal to exchange ideas among researchers from all around the world. Once more, we would like to remind you that we need your comments and suggestions for our future issues.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions to ELT Research Journal.

Happy reading.



Dinçay Köksal

Editor in Chief of ELT Research Journal

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Author: Dincay KOKSAL


Application Date : January 27, 2014
Acceptance Date : August 12, 2020
Publication Date : January 27, 2014

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