Year 2014, Volume 3 , Issue 2, Pages 57 - 58 2014-10-15

Dear ELT Research Journal Reader,

We are pleased to announce the second issue of Volume 3 of ELT Research Journal. Our journal publishes empirical studies that will contribute to our understanding of the related concepts on teaching and learning English as a foreign language in different contexts. I believe the papers published in this issue will draw our attention to issues worth considering in designing English language teaching procedures.

This issue comprises four articles. In the first paper, on Turkish learners’ prepositional errors in writing, Cem Özışık explores how native language influences the use of English prepositions. The paper proposes practical implications for teachers and researchers who are interested in teaching writing in English.

The second paper has many resonances with the first, in that Enisa Mede, Ceren Tutal, Derya Ayaz, Kayanur Çalışır, and Şeyma Akın concern how learners’ native language has an impact on their production in English. The authors investigate this issue with reference to the syntactic constituents of English by focusing on verb placement. The findings of this study are important as it reveals the role of native language in producing English sentences.

Feryal Çubukçu in the third paper reports the interrelationship between vocabulary and Total Physical Response Story-telling. Her study examines whether lexical instructional approaches do foster learners’ vocabulary knowledge. The study reveals the effectiveness of the concept and will contribute to the knowledge of teachers who teach vocabulary.

In the final article in the issue, Sabriye Şener investigates the extent to which Turkish pre-service teachers of English are willing to communicate in English with reference to their, linguistic self-confidence, motivation, attitudes toward international community, and personality. The findings reveal prospective teachers’ levels of willingness to communicate and explore the relationship between the variables mentioned above. This scope of this study is important as it deals with one of the major issues in ELT in Turkey – teaching speaking.

We would like to thank all the contributors who have submitted their articles to our journal. We are grateful to the members of editorial board who made valuable comments about the scope of our journal and to all reviewers who devoted significant time and effort to review the manuscripts.

We look forward to publishing the subsequent volumes of our journal and hope to receive your submissions for consideration for publication in ELT Research Journal.   


Prof. Dr. Dinçay KÖKSAL


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Author: Dinçay KÖKSAL


Application Date : October 15, 2014
Acceptance Date : August 8, 2020
Publication Date : October 15, 2014

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