Guide for Book Reviews

1- In book reviews, these are the studies that examine matters such as the contribution of a book to its field, its value, its strengths and weaknesses.

2- Book reviews are not a report, summary, or advertisement. Studies on this content are rejected by the editorial board without being taken into the referee process.

3- The length of articles should be at least 1.000 words and no more than 9.000 words. At the beginning of the article, there should be Turkish and English Abstracts consisting of 60-80 words, 3- 5 Turkish and English Keywords, and Turkish and English titles.

4- In the part of Turkish Abstract/English Abstract, main methodological framework should be stated such as topic, scope, importance, aim, and method of the research, but obtained results and bibliography should not be mentioned. Turkish Abstract/English Abstract should be written in a single paragraph.

5- Author Guidelines must be taken in to consideration in book reviews. See author guidelines.

6- Click here for a guide for book reviews.