The International Journal of Active Learning, which has started to be accept publications since 2015 and continues to publish as national  peer-reviewed journal  standards (IJAL was international peer-reviewed journal between 2015-2019). IJAL is a journal that pays attention to studies that investigate problems regarding the active learning in all areas of the educational sciences and education field   (information and communication Technologies, different teaching and learning methods, evaluation methods etc) and that provide solution for these problems and that involves occupational development/innovations. Our journal, regarding the active learning, publishes a variety of quantitative or qualitative researches, meta-analysis studies, model suggestions and distinctive articles that evaluate the latest literature in detail. Moreover, original and new contributions of the researches to the body of literature is the main publication criteria of the journal.

The subjects below form the context of the journal.

Part of Educational Sciences
Part of Field Education

Psychological Services in Education

Education Programmes

Training Management

Educational Technology

Cultural Basis of Education

Training Management and Policy

Educational Sciences, Multicultural Education Democracy Training

Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

Thinking Education


Curriculum, Learning and Teaching in Primary Education

Curriculum, Learning and Teaching in Preschool Education

Curriculum, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Educational Design

Teacher Education

Assessment and Evaluation

Computer and Instruction Technologies

Science Teaching

Physics Teaching

Biology Teaching

Chemistry Teaching

Mathematics Teaching

Environmental Education

Philosophy Education

Teaching of the Visually Impaired

Mathematics Education

Hearin-Impaired Education

Psychological Counselling and Guidance

Psychology Education, Social Sciences Education

History Teaching

Turkish Teaching

Turkish Language and Literature Teaching

Preschool Teaching

Private Teaching

Geography Education

Education of Religion and Ethics

Physical Education

Art Education

Education of Foreign Language