Volume: 02 Issue: 01, 6/27/21

Year: 2021

Issue Editorial Board

Prof.Dr. Ramesh K AGARWAL Washington University in St. Louis 0000-0002-9642-1023
Materials Genome; Nanoparticles and their Synthesis; Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulations of Engineered Materials; Energy Harvesting Materials; Nanomechanics, Nanophotonics and Nanoelectronics.
Prof.Dr. Pouria AHMADİ University of Illınois, United States of America – Champaign, Illinois 0000-0001-8829-133X
Thermal System Design; Sustainable Transportation; Energy-Water Nexus; Fuel cell technologies; Data-driven Optimization
Prof.Dr. Elbrus CAFEROV Istanbul Technical University, Turkey 0000-0002-0473-4859
Automation and Control, Robotic Systems, Aircraft Engineering
Prof.Dr. Marina EFTHYMİOU Dublin City University, Ireland 0000-0001-8611-5973
Airlines; Airports; Sustainable Aviation; Air Transport Management (ATM); Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)
Prof.Dr. Vincenzo FASONE Universita Kore di Enna, Italy 0000-0003-4058-5456
Prof.Dr. Chingiz HAJIYEV Istanbul Technical University, Turkey 0000-0003-4115-341X
Altitude determination and control; Kalman filtering; Fault detection and isolation; Estimation and filtering
Prof.Dr. Mehdi RASHİDİ , Shanghai Key Lab of Vehicle Aerodynamics, Tongji, China 0000-0003-0182-7408
Multiphase Flows; Micro Fluidics; CFD; Wind Tunnel; Heat and Mass Transfer
Prof.Dr. Daniel ROHACS Budapesti Muszaki es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem 0000-0002-4629-4417
airspace integration, demand modeling, innovative operational concept development, low-cost avionics
Prof.Dr. Kateryna SYNYLO National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine 0000-0003-1333-0351
Airport air pollution; aircraft engine emissions; modelling/monitoring of air pollution
Prof.Dr. David SZİROCZAK Budapest University of Technology and Economics 0000-0002-0949-8912
Aerospace Vehicle Design; Hypersonics; Optimisation; Automation; Unmanned Systems
Prof.Dr. John Kian TAN Northumbria Univeristy, Newcastle, UK 0000-0003-3387-1622
Data analysis, safety/risk analysis, multiple criteria decision making, engineering design
Combustion, CFD, Rocket propellants, Internal combustion engines
Prof.Dr. Olexander Gryshkevych ZAPHOROZHETS National Academy of Sciences and the State Space Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine 0000-0001-7913-8253
Environment Protection, labor protection, operation of air transport

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