Style Guide for Submission


1. All papers must include an abstract of no more than 200 words. If the article is written in Turkish, there should be also a title and abstract of the article in English. It is strongly advised that the length of the article should not exceed 9000 words including references and footnotes.

2. All papers must include minimum 3, maximum 6 keywords and minimum 1 JEL code.

3. Referencing must follow APA Style (APA Style Sixth Edition Resources)

4. Margins are as follows:
Paper Size: A4
• Top : 2.5 cm
• Bottom : 2.5 cm
• Left : 2.5 cm
• Right : 2.5 cm
• Gutter : 0”
• Gutter Position : Left

5. Title page:
a. Paper title 14pt, bold and centered
b. First letter of all words are capital

6. Author’s name on the title page:
a. First letter of name and surname are capital, e.g. Hakan Aslan
b. Centered
c. Author’s info (title, affiliation, email address ve Orcid number) in the footnote on the title page, left aligned and 10pt

7. Abstract, keywords, jel codes and the main text of the paper:
Main text:
a. Palatino Linotype font, 11pt, justified
b. Paragrafh spacing: before and after 6pt, line spacing: 1,15
Abstract, keywords, jel codes:
a. Palatino Linotype font, 10pt, justified
b. Paragrafh spacing: before and after 6pt, line spacing: 1,15

8. Heading
a. Left aligned, title case, numbered (excluding introduction, results and references), bold
b. Main headings and subheadings must numbered as follows: 1, 1.1, 1.1.1,… 

9. Table, figure, graph, exhibit or chart: e.g. Table 1: Style Guide for Authors
a. Numbered
b. Above the table, figure, graph… 
c. Bold, e.g: Graph 1:
d. Title case

10. References must be written alphabetically according to the surname of the author.
Reference examples:
a. For books:
Baltagi, B. H. (2005), Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, 3rd edition, John Wiley&Sons Ltd., West Sussex, England.

b. For journals:
Savaşan, Fatih (2003), “Modeling the Underground Economy in Turkey: Randomized Response and MIMIC Models”, The Journal of Economics, XXIX, 1, s.49-76.

c. Chapters for edited books:
Gürdal, Temel (2009), "2000–2007 Dönemi Türkiye’de Merkezi Yönetim Bütçe Uygulamaları ve Karşılaştırmalı Analizi”, Küreselleşme Sürecinde Kamu Maliyesinde Yaşanan Dönüşüm, Editör/ler: Aytaç Eker ve H. A. Şimşek, Maliye Bakanlığı, Strateji Geliştirme Başkanlığı Yay., Ankara.

d. Conference paper:
Yardımcıoğlu, Fatih ve Cengizhan Yıldırım (2012), “OECD ve AB Ülkelerinin Eğitim Göstergelerinin Karşılaştırmalı Bir Analizi”, BlueBlackSea International Congress - Sakarya University, Sakarya.

WIID, (World Income Inequality Database), (2005), United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNI-WIDER),, 25.02.2012.

11. Illustrations, pictures and graphs, should be supplied with highest quality and in an electronic format that helps us to publish your article in the best way possible.

12. Papers should not include headers, footers and page numbers.