Important Announcement for Authors

Important Announcements for Authors

Journal for Education of Gifted Young Scientists (JEGYS in short)



                                                                                                                                                                                                                     August 20, 2020

Dear JEGYS authors and editorial board members

Some decisions have been taken for the journal to be included in the indexes. These decisions are important for the journal to be accepted by the important authorities in the world. We want the JEGYS to continue its publication life for many years. Our aim is that JEGYS is an important guide in gifted education and science education. 

Now I present the decision to you.


1. Articles should be universal, not local. For example, titles like A university students ...., B high school students ... are not appropriate.


2. Current issues should be studied in science education and gifted education. For example, our special issue theme next year is: The use of technology in gifted students and science education, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, deep learning. I will prioritize the publication of such articles.


3. I would like to submit the SCOPUS h-index and WoS IF scores of each author with submitting an article. I will give priority to the publication of articles by authors with high h-index.


4. Articles must be primarily in the field of gifted education and science education. Articles in other fields will be rejected.


5. Authors should declare and undertake that the articles are highly cited in next years


6. Each author should declare that they will strive for the recognition of our journal in different countries.


7. Articles should be as few pages as possible. However, it should be presented in a quality and concise manner.


8. The research problem must be written in a separate subtitle.


9. Method section should consist of research model, sampling or participants, data collection tools, data analysis, process, validity and realibity of research.


10. Discussion section should be rich. Conclusion section should not be short. Conclusion and Recommendations. Recommendations; For Applicants and For Further Research.


11. Acknowledgement is mandatory. Priority will be given to articles supported by projects, funded, and data collected over a long period of time.


12. A document (Attestation) will be send for the authors who want to serve as referees in our journal. Priority will be given to the publication of the articles of the authors who contribute to our journal as referees.


12. Our long-term friendship with the authors who can be send articles to the other journals; JGEDC, PRESS, JMETP, JIAE is very important.


13. The publication process is a team work and companionship. However, ethical behavior is very important. No author should insist on the publication of his article. Respect the opinion of the reviewers and the editor. Rejecting an article can be an important step in improving the quality of your article. Could be an opportunity to improve your article. Members of the editorial board or editor may not treat any article or author as biased or favorable.


13. In JEGYS, attention will be paid not to publish the articles of editors and editorial board members. Field editorial  (section editors) application will be activated in 2020.


14. JEGYS is the journal of all of us, the journal of the science. We, as academicians committed to science, are only tools for accelerating scientific developments in the world.



I thank you all for your contributions.


Dr. Hasan Said TORTOP

Thanking you for your submission.

Best Regards

Editor-in-Chief of JEGYS