Association for Young Scientists and Talent Education

Title of Association: Young Scientists Talent Innovation Entrepreneurship And Education Association

Short Title: Association for the Young Scientists and Talent Education (AYSTE)

Registration Number: 34-256-089

Place of Association: Istanbul, TURKEY

Aim of the Association for the Young Scientists and Talent Education (AYSTE): Our association; education of young scientists and talented young people, which are important values in the development of our country in all fields, being individuals who produce innovative and creative solutions to problems, individuals with high entrepreneurship skills, to acquire awareness, knowledge, talent, experience, culture from the pre-university period. to be active in the fields of education, training, production, management, national and international cooperation, to contribute to national and global peace, to contribute to the employment, talent development and goal setting of other young people, and to produce models for their upbringing as young individuals, and to cooperate with all public and private individuals and organizations working in this field, aims to provide development.


JGEDC accepted to EBSCO Education Source HW Wilson Index at April 29, 2022. Meeting point of the talent and giftedness

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