JIST Publishing Policies

Journal of The Institute of Science and Technology (JIST)
Publishing Policies

1. JIST is International Peer Reviewed Journal and published four times a year. Our journal does not charge any fees. All of the articles are accessible by open access and can be downloaded in full text.
2. The articles that can be sent to the journal are Horticulture, Computer engineering, Plant protection, Biology, Biosystem engineering, Environment engineering, Electrical-electronic engineering, Industrial engineering, Physics, Food engineering, Civil engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical engineering, Mathematics, Molecular biology and genetic, Forestry engineering, Landscape architecture, Fisheries, Agricultural mechanization, Agricultural structures and irrigation, Agricultural economy, Field crops, soil science and plant nutrition and animal science.
3. All the manuscripts submitted to our journal are peer reviewed by two professional referees, Editor in Chief, and Editorial Board.
4. JIST intends to publish original research papers, technical notes, and reviews (20% of total papers) written in Turkish and English languages.
5. Manuscripts and communications are accepted on the understanding that these have not been published nor are being considered for publication elsewhere.
6. All the authors should submit their manuscript with transfer form of copyright for potential publication. The transfer form of Copyright should be signed by all authors.
7. All the authors will be responsible contextually for contents of their manuscripts.
8. Only two manuscripts of each author as first author can be published in same issue of JIST.
9. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with scientific ethic rules. When required, ethical committee reports with the related documents should be submitted to JIST.
10. Please contact for any question to fbed@igdir.edu.tr