Editorial Policy

1. KMUSEKAD is a refereed international journal that is published twice a year (June and December). Articles in economics, business administration, finance, labor economics, econometrics, public administration, political science, international relations, law, social services, international trade, logistics, sociology, philosophy (Research Article, Review Article, Book Review, Book Review, etc.) are published in the journal. 

2. The journal does not charge for articles and the authors are not paid for their articles. The journal is fully open and there is no subscription fee for accessing articles. 

3. The writing language of the studies submitted to the journal should be in Turkish or English and should not be published anywhere or submitted for publication. Responsibility for this matter belongs to the author (s) of the article. 

4. The articles uploaded to the journal are sent to two referees within 15 days (after the preliminary examination considering the scope of the journal and the rules of the journal) in accordance with the “the principle of blind refereeing”. The referees have 15 days to accept and review the article. If one of the referee evaluations is “accept” and the other is “rejection”, a third referee is appointed to evaluate the article. If the article is accepted by the referees, the authors should make the required corrections within 20 days at the latest and sent to the Editorial Board. 

5. In addition, the plagiarism rate in studies submitted to the journal should be 20% or less (excluding the references).