Peer Review Process

The aim of peer review process is to ensure that high quality and original scientific studies are published. All published articles in The Journal of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University  are peer reviewed and all manuscripts submitted follows the procedure outlined below.

Initial Manuscript Evaluation

All manuscripts submitted for publication in Journal are firstly evaluated by the Editor and Editorial Board, after the plagiarism scanning process. Manuscripts which fall outside the aims and scope of the journal or is not enough for requirements of a scientific study are rejected or may be wanted some revisions at this initial point. Manuscripts are never accepted by editor without a referee report, at this stage.

Policy of Peer Review

The Journal of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University employs double blind reviewing, where both the referee and author remain anonymous throughout the process.

Referee Evaluation

After initial evaluation, the manuscripts are sent to at least two referees which are determined editor and/or editorial board. If necessary, the number of referees can be increased by editor or Editorial Board. The referees are chosen from referee board according to their expertise.

Referees are asked to evaluate the manuscript’s originality, methodology, contribution to the literature, presentation of results and support for the conclusions, and appropriate referencing of previous relevant studies. Referees might accept the manuscript, reject the manuscript or might require a revision for style and/or content. For publication of articles, two positive reports are required. In case one referee report is negative while the other is positive, the article is forwarded to a third referee for addition evaluation.

When a revision is required by the referee or referees, the author(s) are to consider the criticism and suggestions offered by the referees, and they should be sent back the revised version of manuscript in 60 days. If revised manuscript is not sent in two months, the manuscript is removed from referee evaluation process. Referees may request more than one revision of a manuscript. Manuscripts which are not accepted for publication are not re-sent to their authors.

Final Evaluation

After favorable opinions of referees, Editorial Board is made the final evaluation. The manuscripts accepted for publication by Editorial Board are placed in an issue sequence.

Specifics we ask our reviewers to pay attention:



Makalenin Türkçe ve İngilizce başlıklarının çalışmaya uygunluğu

Titles’ suitability to the scope of article

Özet; çalışmanın amacını uygulanan yönteme göre elde edilen bulguları ve önerileri kapsıyor mu?

Does the abstract contains the purpose, outcomes and recommendations of the study?

Türkçe ve İngilizce özet uyumlu mudur?

Are Turkish and English abstracts compatible?

Türkçe ve İngilizce anahtar kelimeler uygun birbirine paralel ve yeterli midir?

Are Turkish and English keywords compatible?

Makalede yararlanılan kaynaklar yeterli, güncel ve çalışmanın konusu ile ilgili midir?

Are the resources used adequate, up-to-date and relevant to the topic of the study?

Makalede yararlanılan her kaynağa kaynakçada yer verilmiş midir?

Are all cited works included in the references?

Makalede yararlanılmayan herhangi bir kaynağa kaynakçada yer verilmiş midir?

Is there any un-mentioned studies in the references?

Giriş bölümünde çalışmanın konusu ve amacı yeterince vurgulanmış mıdır?

Is the theme of the article emphasized enough in the introduction part?

Kullanılan araştırma yöntem ya da yöntemleri çalışma konusuna uygun mudur?

Are the research method(s) used convenient and adequate for the study?

Şekil ve Tablolar araştırma verilerine göre uygun ve anlaşılabilir şekilde düzenlenmiş midir?

Are the figures and tables in the main text understandable and proper in term of academic ethics?

Araştırma bulguları yeterince tartışılmış mıdır?

Are the outcomes of the research sufficiently discussed?

Çalışma tutarlı ve bütünlük içinde akıcı ve anlaşılır bir dille takdim edilmiş midir?

Is the study presented consistently and fluently in a clear and understandable language?

Çalışmada dil bilgisi kurallarına riayet edilmiş midir?

Have the rules of linguistic information been respected in the study?

Çalışmanın bilime katkısı yönünden özgün değeri var mıdır?

The article is stimulating/seminal in terms of contribution to knowledge.

Dergimiz birçok dizin tarafından indekslenmekte ve ayrıca  indekslenmek üzere incelenmeye alınmış bulunmaktadır.