Aim & Scope

Journal of Vocational Science is a free and open scientific journal.

Journal of Vocational Science (JVS) has changed its language to English and Turkish since 2017 Volume 6, Issue 1. Full text articles in English can be published in our journal with Turkish summary. Our journal started its publication life with the special issue of November 2011 and will continue to be published with 2 issues per year. Our journal in the field of occupational science publications missing open in Turkey, aims at closing with an appropriate understanding of the quality and scientific publishing norms.

The works to be published in our journal will be original studies, they will be published in the form of scientific or technological articles, screening articles, reviews or technical notes. All submitted studies are evaluated with the "blind review" system. The Journal of Vocational Sciences is scanned in ASOS INDEX databases. Articles published in our journal can be viewed in our archive section. In addition, with a free and easy membership process, the latest issue articles can be downloaded as pdf files. Editors and members of the editorial board, who work in our journal, consist of people who have many years of experience in professional education and vast scientific competence in their fields.

From the editor.