Notes for Book Review

  • Review headings should include names and last names of the author(s)-editor(s), title of the book, year and place of publication, publisher, number of pages, ISBN information.

  • Name and last name of the author, institution where he/she works and his/her position/title should be added at the end of the review. A short fact sheet that includes the biography of the author consisting of a few lines may also be added.

  • Book reviews are not only descriptive, but they also have a critical aspect. In book reviews, it is hence expected that purpose, scope, method, scientific originality, contribution to scientific debate, consistency of opinions, ways of using resources, etc. of the texts are taken into account.

  • Reviews should consist of the parts: introduction, development and conclusion. In the introduction part, purpose, context, form and content of the book should be briefly described and a concise presentation should be made. In the development section, the main discussion of the book and the side discussions arising from there should be presented and how this discussion is addressed should be handled. In the conclusion part, a critical analysis of all the evaluated issues and a result review should be included.

  • The review text can have a different title than the name of the book.

  • The reviews should be between 1000-4000 words (2-8 pages).

  • Reviews in the languages of Turkish, English and Arabic are accepted.

  • The studies that should be prepared in the form of A4 size are to be arranged as follows: Paper Size: A4 Vertical, Top Margin: 5 cm, Bottom Margin: 5 cm, Left Margin: 4.5 cm, Right Margin: 4.5 cm, Font: Candara, Font Style: Normal, Font and Space Size (Text): 11 Point, Summary: 9 Point, Footnote: 9 Point, Paragraph Interval: Before 0 pt - After 6 pts, Paragraph Entry: 1 cm Line Spacing: Multiple / Value: 1.15 pts