Principles Regarding Writing Rules

1.   Publication language is Turkish (used in Turkey) and English.

2.   The work should include the following sections:

• Title, Author (s), full names and institutions they work in, contact information, article headline), Turkish Abstract, key concepts, summary and abstract and key concepts in English,

• Main article text,

• References,

• Attachments, tables, shapes.

3.    At the beginning of the text, at least 200 words in Turkish and English summary, 3-7 words in Turkish and English keywords; Turkish and English titles should be included.

4.   The work to be submitted should be in .doc or .docx format.

5.    Articles, at least 3000 and up to 8000 words; book reviews should be 1000 words on average.

6.   Only the first letters of the words in the Main Title should be capitalized, Times New Roman 14 pt.

7.    A maximum of two subheadings must be used; Times New Roman 12 pt, bold; the second should be italic at the same time.

8.    The name of the author should be written in Times New Roman 12 fonts in the upper right corner, so that the heading is one line below the heading; author (s) title, position and e-mail address should be indicated in footnote (*) with 10 pt. Footnotes for other disclosures should be numbered in the text and on the page.

9.   Abstracts should be Times New Roman 11 pt.

10. Main texts should be Times New Roman 12 pt.

11. The paragraph spacing should be 6 nk and the line spacing should be 1.5.

12. Footnotes should be Times New Roman 10 pt..

13. Double quotes ("...") must be used in direct quotes.

14. Figures, pictures, graphics and tables should be numbered. Under figure, picture and graphic names; the table name should appear on the table. Figures, pictures, graphics and texts and figures in the table should be written in 8 pt.

15. Graphs must be numbered in graphics and tables, so that they can be opened in Windows MS Word.

16. The photos should be in .jpeg format and of sufficient size and in relevant places within the text.

17. The APA ( ) style should be used when referring to the sources used.

18. Citations obtained from the Internet can be used from the Harvard University publication:

19. The articles should be uploaded to ULAKBİM Dergipark portal (Address:

20. The article template, which can be helpful in technical matters such as pages, fonts, line spacing, paragraphs, citations, references, etc., is available on the web-site of Medeniyet ve Toplum. Texts not prepared in accordance with this template will be returned to the author without being included in the evaluation process and will be reminded to the authors that the text should be prepared according to this template.