Double-Blind Peer Review Process

Only those manuscripts approved by its every individual author and that were not published before in or sent to another journal, are accepted for evaluation.
Submitted manuscripts that pass preliminary control are scanned for plagiarism. After plagiarism check, the eligible ones are evaluated by Editor-in-Chief for their originality, methodology, the importance of the subject covered and compliance with the journal scope. The Editors may choose to reject the article that does not fit within the scope of Novus Orbis or are not comply with the writing rules or contain plagiarism. Editor-in-Chief evaluates manuscripts for their scientific content without regard to ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, religious belief or political philosophy of the authors. It ensures a fair double-blind peer review of the selected manuscripts.
The evaluation process lasts around 1 month. If one of the reviewers has a positive opinion and the other has a negative opinion, the article will be sent a third reviewer. In order for the article to be published, the two referees must provide positive feedback. When the article is accepted, the corresponding author is informed. After the two reviewers have accepted the article, final acceptance process is designed to complete within 1 month.