Humanities Sciences is an international peer-reviewed e-journal. It is one of the sub-series of NWSA Academic Journals and it has ISSN 1308-7320. NWSA Academic Journals is a member of PILA (The Publishers International Linking Association). The journal’s DOI number is 10.12739. Also, NWSA has a trademark registration certificate since 2013. 


Humanities Sciences journal accepts the following article.
These; Anthropology, Public Administration, History, Theology, Philosophy, Public Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, International Resources, Architecture (Art History, Architectural History, Restoration, Interior Architecture, Urban-Urbanization and Industrial Design), Archeology and Art History, Modern Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Linguistics, Communication Sciences, Western Languages and Literatures, Eastern Languages and Literatures, Turkish Language and Literature, Finance, Conservation and Restoration of Portable Cultural Heritage, Archive, Health Institutions Management, Labor Economics and Industrial Communication, Demography, Landscape Architecture, Econometrics, Library, Economics, Business-Organization, Home Economics, Social Services, City and Regional Planning, Actuarial and Law and interesting practices and studies in the field of communication. Humanities Sciences journal is open to all kinds of constructive, creative and opinions, provided that it is used for universal science and technology. The journal issues four issues (January, April, July and October) and writes articles written in Turkish, German, English and French.