Plagiarism Review Process

Plagiarism Review Process

·                   The plagiarism scan is done by the editor using the system during the pre-evaluation phase when the article is uploaded to the system.

·                  The article is scanned excluding the bibliography, citations and similarity less than 1%. As a result of the scanning; work that has more than 25% of the total and more than 5% of a citation is returned to the author without commenting on the preliminary evaluation and is requested to be corrected.

·                  Studies with a similarity rate of less than 25% are controlled in the following ways.

·                  Whether or not a source is given at the end of each citation (in some cases, paragraphs quoted made of 4-5 sentences and a source is given only in the last sentence. In such cases the quoted expression must be enclosed in double quotes and italicized.)

 ·                  Whether or not resources are given in sections with similarity (in some cases the source is not given when it is quoted.)

 ·                  Whether or not the similarity is the main source (in some cases quotations from different sources are quoted and references are made to the main source instead of giving them as transporters.)

·                  If there are block quotes in the study, if the similarity references are not made or if the similarity is from a source other than the main source and there is no transfer statement, the article is returned to the author by explaining and the author is requested to be corrected.

·                  Articles corrected by the author within a short period of time (max. 1 week) are processed.

·                  The pre-evaluation of the articles passed through these examinations is completed. "This article has been scanned by the System of and found to be an original article." Is added to the evaluation file and sent to the referees.