Article Evaluation Process

Papers which are determined to be in conformity with the journal’s publication guidelines by the editorials of the journal or the editors' board are sent to At least two referees for the purpose of examining the content and the form. The works requested to be published are accepted for publication with the approval of at least two referees after being submitted for the evaluation. The referees are not informed about the identities of the the authors and vice versa. Referee reports are confidential. Articles that do not receive positive reports will not be published and will not be returned to the author; Administrative and legal liability shall not be accepted in this respect. Referee evaluation reports are kept for at least 5 years after publication date so that they can be reviewed by the Social Sciences Database Board and copies are sent to the Social Sciences Database Board when requested. Corrections are sent back to the author (s) for necessary changes. It is the responsibility of the author (s) to deliver  the Corrected text to journal within 20 days (including postal mail). The corrected text, if deemed necessary, may be reviewed again by the referees who requested the correections. The articles, after the posivitve feedback from the referees Published according to the date of completion of the referee reports based on the journal’s subject content by the editors or editorial board.