The Process of Article Submitting, Evaluation and Publication

1. It is published twice a year in January and July. Peer review process must be completed in November for the articles to be published in the January issue and in May for the July issue at the latest. Although articles are accepted any period of year, the authors should take into consideration the deadlines for a smooth publication process.

2. The author has to comply with his research and publication. The articles must not have been published or accepted to be published elsewhere. Proceedings that were presented at scientific meetings but not yet published can be accepted as long as the author states this situation.

3. First, the papers submitted to the editorial board are subjected to the authenticity test via Turnitin. The text should have less than %20 similarity to the other texts excluding the references and sources, quotes and the sentences that have less than five words. Then, they are reviewed for their suitability to the article writing rules and publication ethics. Those considered unsuitable are returned to the author(s) for revision or rejected outright with a written justification. Our journal uses double blind peer review process. The papers that are found suitable for further review are sent to peer reviewers of the respectable fields without the name(s) of the author(s). The names of the reviewers are also kept hidden. If one of the reviews is positive whereas the other is negative, the paper may be sent to a third reviewer or the editorial board with considering the reviews can make the final decision. Authors should take the criticisms or the advices of the reviewers and the editorial board. Authors must edit and resend their articles in a week. 

4. The articles that are written according to the rules must be submitted online via . Those that are not written according to our policies will be rejected.