ISSN: 1300-0098
e-ISSN: 1303-6149
Founded: 1998
Period: Bimonthly
Publisher: TUBITAK

2020 - Volume: 44 Issue: 4

3. A new solution to the discontinuity problem on metric spaces

4. Analytic functions associated with cardioid domain

5. Gradient Weyl-Ricci Soliton

7. Max CS and min CS modules

9. On ternary Diophantine equations of signature $ p,p,2 $ over number fields

10. A Study on Horadam Hybrid Numbers

13. A semi-Markovian renewal reward process with $\Gamma g $ distributed demand

14. On a three-dimensional solvable system of difference equations

15. On geometric applications of quaternions

22. On Holomorphic poly-Norden Manifolds

23. Some results on prime rings with multiplicative derivations

25. T -soft equality relation

26. On the variational curves due to the ED-frame field in Euclidean 4-space

28. Units and 2-class field towers of some multiquadratic number fields