Editorial Principles

Trabzon Theology Journal  is published by Trabzon University, Faculty of Theology

Original articles, translations, book presentations, symposiums, seminars and conferences, interviews and etc. studies are published in the journal.

All foreign languages are accepted as well as Turkish.

The place reserved for translations should not exceed 1/2 of the total number of pages of the journal.

No fee is charged for the articles submitted to our journal


Articles should be maximum 30 pages.(except picture, shape, map, bibliography etc.)  If the any article exceeds this upper limit, the decision of the editorial board is valid.

Translation articles should be submitted with the original text.

The original title and bibliographic information of a translated article should be stated in the footnotes section with an icon to be added to the right upper edge of the title in Turkish text.

The necessary permissions for copyrights of the translation articles must be obtained.

Articles must be formatted according to the Isnad Citation System.

Articles that do not comply with these principles are rejected without being evaluated by the editors.


Articles submitted to TİD, are first reviewed by the Editorial Board in terms of the journal's publishing principle.

All articles are checked by means of a program in order to confirm they are not published before and avoid plagiarism.

Articles which are not eligible to the Isnad Citation System Writing Guide (www.isnadsistemi.org) are sent to the author for correction.

Submissions found suitable are referred to three referees working in relevant fields. The names of the referees are kept confidential and referee reports are archived for five years. If one of the referee reports is positive and the other is negative, the article may be forwarded to a third referee for further assessment or alternatively, the Editorial Board may make a final decision based on the nature of the three reports. The authors are responsible for revising their articles in line with the criticism and suggestions made by the referees and the Editorial Board. If they disagree with any issues, they may make an objection by providing clearly-stated reasons. Submissions which are not accepted for publication are not returned to their authors.

Editorial Board, has the right to make minor changes in spelling etc.