Author Guidelines

1. TEXT must be written in English and can be used in Times New Roman font and 12 pt. There is no page number limiting.
2. TITLE of the work should be clear.
3. ABSTRACT: There is no limit
4. KEYWORDS: At least 3 maximum 5 keywords
7. REFERENCES: There is no limitation. Author/authors can use any method
7. TABLES & FIGURES: All figures and tables must be placed in the text with their captions.
8. FORMULAS & UNITS: All formulas in the text should be written in equation format. Formulas (1), (2) should be given the sequence number. All units must be in the SI unit system.
9. NOMENCLATURE can be given at the end of the text before the REFERENCES.
10. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If people or institutions are to be acknowledged, they should be written in this section and given before the REFERENCES.