Ethical Statement

Irresponsibility of authorship and copyright, plagiarism, fabrication, duplication, salamization, disrespect of human-animal ethics, biased selection of resources and biased publication depending on interest are the most common forms of violating academic ethics.

Authors who have published scientific articles in TUBAR are deemed to have accepted that they have obtained all the information in their studies within the framework of ethical behaviour and academic rules and that they have made full reference to the source of any expressions, information and findings that do not belong to them. Any legal responsibility that may arise in the event of the contrary occurs to the author.

Consent of people is essential in social experiments and surveys done with people. In cases where consent cannot be obtained, they should obtain ethical declaration approval from the related institutions / organizations and present it together with their work.

TUBAR recommends that all academic activities of its editors, board members, referees and authors should be based on the criteria of the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) (