Article Submission Policy

International Journal of Human Studies Article Submission Policy:

1. Submitting articles means that the study has not been previously published in any journal or in any meeting (Symposium, Congress, Conference, etc.) with its DOI number.

2. Articles must be original research articles in any field related to social sciences.

3. The article should not be translated into Turkish, English or any other languages without written permission of the copyright holder.

4. Articles should be written in decent English or Turkish.

5. It is significant that the article submission file is saved in the current format of the word processor template used.

6. The sources must be specified.

7. Source files of figures, tables and graphics used in the text should be added to the system separately during application.

8. It is recommended to do spell and grammar checks to avoid errors.

9. International Journal of Human Studies carries out the article evaluation process with the “Double Blind” review policy. In this duration, the referees cannot access the author data of the article they are evaluating, and the authors cannot access the information of the referees who are evaluating their articles.

10. According to the referees' evaluation report, it will be decided by the editors whether the articles are suitable for publication.

11. Authors are obliged to comply with the application policy of International Journal of Human Studies

12. International Journal of Human Studies is published twice a year. 

13. International Journal of Human Studies doesn’t charge any fees during the evaluation process.