Author Guidelines

Please consider following guidelines while preparing your manuscript:

  1. Manuscripts should be supplied in Microsoft Word format, 11-point type (Times New Roman) and spacing should be set to 1, 15. Paragraphs should be indented by 1 cm and 6 nk spacing should be left before the paragraphs.
  2. Allow margins of at least one inch (3 cm) on all sides of the typed pages.
  3. All headlines (including introduction and conclusion) should be numbered consecutively. The first letters of the main and sub-headings should be written as uppercase and others should be small. Headings should be written in bold and numbered (e.g. 1., 1.1., 1.1.1.). Before the headings,1 line should be left.
  4. Each article should be summarized in a single spaced 10-point type abstract of not less than 150 and more than 200 words.
  5. Each article has at least 3 keywords and appropriate JEL codes (
  6. Name and surname of the author (s) should be written as the text centered below the title of the article.
  7. By giving a footnote at the end of the surnames of the author (s), the title, the institution, the e-mail and ORCID information should be written respectively. If requested, who is responsible for communication can be specified.
  8. Footnotes should be written in Times New Roman, 10 pt. and single line spacing.
  9. Equations and formulas should not be in picture format, should be centered on the page and numbered. The numbers of the equations and formulas should be written in brackets and on the right.
  10. Tables, graphics and figures should be included in the text, numbered and centered on the page. Tables should not be in picture format. Tables should be prepared in 10 pt., single line spacing and no spacing between lines. Headings should be written left, bold, 10 pt. Headings should be at the top of the tables, below the figures and graphics.  Source of tables, graphics and figures, should be written in 10 pt and single line spacing below the table, graph and figures.
  11. All pages must be numbered consecutively in the bottom right corner.
  12. On the first page of the article, Turkish title of the article, name and surname of the authors (necessary information to be given in the footnote-Number 7), Turkish abstract, Turkish key words, jel classifications, English title, English abstract, English keywords and jel classifications should be written respectively. All citations taken place in the reference list should be mentioned in the main text.
  13. The introduction should start from page 2.
  14. The article submitted for evaluation must be uploaded to the DergiPark system as a single word file.
  15. References to sources should be shown in text rather than footnotes. The source of references made in the text must be included in the bibliography. Studies that are not cited in the text should not be included in the bibliography.
  16. References in the bibliography should be listed in alphabetical order according to the surnames of the authors. References should be written with 10 pt., single line spacing and 6 nk spacing between paragraphs.

Copyright: Authors transfer copyright to the journal. As the journal is published online as e-journal, author demands for hardcopies cannot be met. The responsibility of the studies published in the journal belongs to the authors.